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Website design packages for service-based businesses.

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Hands up if a website was just another item on your ‘Start a Business’ checklist.

One that you grabbed a template for and quickly threw together (maybe one night over a few glasses of wine? 😉).

Only now you can’t stand the sight of it.

And the backend is a mess.

But carving out time in your already jam-packed schedule to fix it up yourself never seems to happen.

More than just an item to check off your list, your website is often the first place the people you love working with will connect with you.

And as much as it feeds into all that’s wrong in the world, first impressions and snap judgements do happen.

So, how your website resonates with someone when they first land on your homepage can be what has them diving to click that Work With Me button or, making a hasty exit.

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A Beautiful and Functional Website Will Help You

Feel more satisfied with your work

when your diary and checkouts are filled with clients and customers aligned with what you offer.

Get out of your inbox & back to doing what you love

because it’s your website doing the heavy lifting answering those questions you always get asked, building a connection with the people you love supporting and kicking off the process of working together through your forms and automated workflows.

Grow your business with less effort

when your website represents your business accurately, highlights the unique gifts you have to offer, and provides a great experience for new and existing clients.

Let’s get your website working 24/7 so you don’t have to.

Choose your website design package

BYOC Website

(Bring your own copy)

You bring your copy, SEO keywords, branding and images and I’ll turn them into a beautiful and functional website ready to bring in more enquiries and customers.

Your Website Package Includes:

Timeline:  2-3 weeks

Investment:  Starting from $3500

A 25% deposit is required to book your project into my calendar, with payment plans available.

Add an SEO strategy and keyword research for $800.

A mockup of the MG Psychology SEO, copywriting and website design project.

Done for You Website

Kick back and relax while I take care of All. The. Things. At the end of your project, you’ll have fresh copy and a sparkling online home for your business.

Your Website Package Includes:

Timeline:  6-8 weeks

Investment:  Starting from $6800

A 25% deposit is required to book your project into my calendar, with payment plans available.

A mockup of the Compassionately Nourished SEO, copywriting and website design project.

Client Snapshot

Keen to rebuild the Blue Biz Ninja website herself, when it came time to actually DIY, Jenn found herself overwhelmed out the gate trying to nail down her business’s unique position and her perfect-fit clients.

Jenn brought me on board to help with:

  • Brand excavation 
  • SEO keyword research
  • Website copywriting
  • The design and build of her new website

“I knew I found the right person. So there was no hesitancy to invest in the project. Whatever Nina wanted to charge, I was going to make it happen.”

– Jennifer Hansen, Blue Biz Ninja LLC

blue biz ninja copy web project

Here's how it works

01. Book your project

Get the ball rolling by completing my project enquiry form.

I’ll send you a proposal for your project and if you’re as pumped as I am to work together, you can secure your spot in my diary with a 25% deposit.

02. Project discovery & strategy

You'll complete a brand and offering discovery questionnaire that will inform the design and build process.

I’ll spend some time looking into your business, your analytics, and taking a peek at your competitors, so that your vision and values are firmly at the heart of your project.

03. Write, write, write*

Next, I’ll cosy up with all that discovery and begin writing the first draft of your copy.

You’ll get a video walkthrough of your copy along with the draft for you to provide feedback.

04. Rinse & Repeat for your website design

Once you’ve approved your copy*, I’ll move on to designing and building out your homepage.

After you’ve signed off on your new homepage, the rest of your website will be built out.

05. It’s Launch Time! 🚀

After some extensive quality checks to make sure your website looks great on mobile and every button goes to the right place, it’s time to set your website live!

You can relax knowing your hosting and website care are fully taken care of for the next 3 months.

*Note: available as part of the done-for-you website package only

Kind words from past clients

I now have a website I'm proud of to show off and bring people to

“I now have a website I’m proud of to show off and bring people to. I love the whole package, and how the copy is done. But also it looks pretty. And who doesn’t love a pretty website?”

– Jennifer Hansen, Blue Biz Ninja LLC

The Eat in Peace homepage illustrating the copy and website design homepage on a laptop screen.

I know that Nina played a HUGE part in my website's success

“I’ve received so many compliments about my website, and I know that Nina played a HUGE part in my website’s success. I’ve already recommended Nina to so many people and I will continue to do so. Get her in your (website) corner, you will not regret it!”

– Riki Deale, Riki Deale Coaching

A mockup of the MG Psychology SEO, copywriting and website design project.

My information online is current and relevant and easily accessible for people

“The whole process allowed me to think clearly about the kind of business that I want to run and how I want to represent myself. It does feel good to have an online presence now, knowing that my information online is current and relevant and easily accessible for people and portrays the ‘me’ that I would like people to see.”

– Michelle Gibbons, Clinical Psychologist

sunnynd mockup
The Eat in Peace homepage illustrating the copy and website design homepage on a laptop screen.
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Got Questions?
Here are the answers to the ones I commonly get asked…

I work with WordPress and build with Elementor. From my extensive testing of themes and page builders, this combo has come up as a winner for building a solid, fast and secure site that is easy for you to navigate and update.

For sure! Your website belongs to you, so you will have access to the backend to make any edits, add new content, add blog posts etc. And if you need it, I’ll make sure you know exactly how to find your way around with a training session, so you feel confident to use your beautiful new business asset.

That’s so cool – I’m thrilled for your success! Here are a couple of reasons why you might like to invest some of your marketing budget in a website:

  • If your leads, clients or customers are coming via social media like Instagram or TikTok, you don’t have full control over your account. Hackers or the platforms themselves can shut down your account on a whim and overnight you lose your content, your followers and your momentum. The process of trying to recover your account is incredibly stressful and more often than not, you’ll have to start again from scratch.

  • If you rely on referrals from GPs or other healthcare providers, don’t think that your new clients are just passively accepting their recommendations. As we become more tech-savvy and technology embeds itself into our lives, your potential new clients will be hopping online to check you out first. And if they can’t find you, they may very well pass you over and move on to the next person on their list who does.


If I could say Yes to that question, I’d be adding a few more zeros to your investment!

Like anything in business, I can’t guarantee specific SEO results.

SEO is a long game that requires patience because there are many things that influence rankings, and rankings fluctuate all the time. But generally, it takes 4 to 6 months to start seeing an increase in traffic to your website.

P.S. Anyone who guarantees a Page 1 or Position 1 spot should send up a big red flag for you (a bit like anyone promising weight loss, right?!).

Hit me up on my project enquiry form friend and tell me about yourself. I’m open to working with all types of businesses that share the same values of inclusion and flipping a big fat bird to the patriarchy, racism, homophobia, transphobia and anti-fat bias.

If you’re curious, you can head on over to my portfolio to see what other industries and professions I’ve worked with.

A 25% deposit is required to book your project into my calendar and then the remaining 75% is split into three 25% instalments. But that’s just one way we can slice and dice it! If there’s a payment plan that would work better for you, we can talk about it 😊 My only requirement is that the final payment must be made prior to the website going live.

Until we have the technology to download your brain into mine, creating your website is a collaborative process.

Here are some places where you can expect to be involved:

  • Before I can begin designing and building you will be asked to complete a brand and offering discovery questionnaire that will inform the design process. You’ll want to set aside some time with a favourite beverage and snack to work through this! Because the more detailed information you provide, the quicker I can understand you, your brand and your business and the better I can hone in on your brand style.*

  • I’ll also need you to collect up and share your brand assets (your logo, brand colours, design elements etc.), imagery (headshots, branded photos etc.), legal documents (website terms & conditions and your privacy policy) before I can get started.

  • At various points along the design process, I may have questions or things I need to clarify with you.

  • At revision time! You’ll get a demo of your homepage which I welcome you pouring over and providing detailed feedback. We want to strike a balance between being thorough and turning your revisions around quickly, so we can get your website finalised and out into the world! (You’ll also have multiple opportunities to look over your whole website and provide feedback.)

  • Once you go live, I’d love to be kept in the loop about how you’re enjoying your new digital home 🙂


*P.S. many of my clients have told me that this was their favourite part of the process in the end as it gave them so much more clarity and direction in their business.

OK, this is a tricky one to answer! Sometimes I have space in my calendar that allows me to start a project quickly. There are also times when I’m booked weeks out. If you’re interested in working together, drop me a note as soon as possible to learn about my availability.

Ready to connect with more people who are searching for that thing only you can offer?

I’m over here warming up my tech and design muscles to create you a website that increases clicks and conversions.