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SEO and content writing for service-based businesses wanting to grow without relying on social media.

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An SEO-optimised blog post can send a juicy two years of traffic to your business.

Whereas the average lifespan of an Instagram post is 48 hours and a TikTok video is a tiny 0-2 minutes.

Cue the record scratch.

Yep, you read that correctly.

That social post you spent hours scripting, filming, editing and captioning practically disappears off anyone’s radar almost as soon as you post it.

So, if you’ve been putting out social media content and getting crickets in return, know that it’s not you.

Changing algorithms, trends switching so fast they give you whiplash and platforms favouring accounts that pay-to-play have really taken the ‘social’ out of social media.

SEO and Content Writing make that old "work smarter, not harder" cliché
a reality.

SEO and Content Writing make that old "work smarter, not harder" cliché a reality.

My copywriting mentors will cringe at me using clichés – but there’s always a nugget of truth behind them, right? 😉

When you’re busy advocating for your clients and customers and trying to change the world to be a safer place for people with marginalised identities, you need your marketing efforts to hit.

And you need a content marketing system that doesn’t consume all your time and energy making you miss out on enjoying life outside of your business.

Why am I so sure of this?

All this *gestures around* is my business bugbear too.

Nina Mills from Butter Digital at her laptop conducting an seo audit.

A Little SEO Case Study

SEO-optimised blog content is hands down what I attribute to the steady stream of new client enquiries into my dietetic practice when I quit Instagram for 12 months in 2022.

I even did the maths to back up my bold claim (yeah, we say ‘maths’ here in Australia).

Between March 2022 and August 2022, 42% of my new client enquiries were from people who found me by doing a Google Search.

Compared to only 5% who found me on Insta and 3% who found me on Facebook.

Oh, and the last blog post I published at that point was in January 2022, meaning all my old optimised content was the real MVP in my business, showing up in the search results right when the people I love supporting needed it.

You might also like to check out Kathleen’s case study for more fangirling over blogging as a savvy business strategy.

A pie chart breaking down the breakdown of referral sources for the Feel Good Eating private practice illustrating how much more powerful optimising your website for organic search is than relying on social media for new clients

“If you're on the fence - just do it! Nina is so knowledgeable and thorough in her SEO strategy.”

Katie Sidhu, RDN, IBCLC,
Nourished Seed Nutrition

SEO-Optimised Blog Post Writing

The content marketing strategy for service-based businesses.

Let me turn your keywords into blog content and marketing assets your readers will love and search engines can’t wait to serve up.

Each month receive:

How it works:

  1. Book your package

  2. Complete a discovery questionnaire so I can learn the finer details about your business.

  3. I’ll get writing!

Investment: $1100/month* including GST.

*Minimum six-month commitment to gain benefit from this SEO strategy.

Nina Mills website designer, copywriter and SEO from Butter Digital sitting at a desk with a laptop and taking notes in a notebook.

Website & SEO Audit

Ideal for businesses with established websites.

Get strategic and make data-driven decisions that actually make a difference in your business with an SEO and website audit. These in-depth audits will let you know what’s working well, what can be improved and an actionable to-do list to get your website working harder for you.

Here are just some of the things I’ll look at:

At the end of my audit, you’ll receive:

  1. A report detailing my recommendations for the main pages of your website (Home, About, 2-3 Services pages, Contact).

  2. A video recording where I’ll step you through the quick wins you can implement to improve your SEO and the experience for your visitors.

How it works:

  1. Book your audit.
  2. Complete the discovery questionnaire so I can learn the finer details about your business.
  3. I’ll get under the hood of your website!

Timeline:  1 week

Investment:  $475 including GST

Nina Mills website designer, copywriter and SEO from Butter Digital sitting at a desk smiling at a laptop and holding a coffee.

The website review that Nina created completely exceeded my expectations in every way.

“Nina thoroughly and generously shared so many ideas of how I can make my website work better for me with clear reasoning behind why it would help. Every suggestion was an invitation to explore if it would work for me rather than framing it as what I was doing wrong. The PDF she provided made it so easy to implement the changes and reduce the overwhelm of all the different elements that would benefit from being improved.”

– Nicola Salmon
Fat Positive & Feminist Fertility Coach

Got Questions?
Here are the answers to the ones I commonly get asked…

If I could say Yes to that question, I’d be adding a few more zeros to your investment!

Like anything in business, I can’t guarantee specific SEO results.

SEO is a long game that requires patience because there are many things that influence rankings, and rankings fluctuate all the time. But generally, it takes 4 to 6 months to start seeing an increase in traffic to your website.

P.S. Anyone who guarantees a Page 1 or Position 1 spot should send up a big red flag for you (a bit like anyone promising weight loss, right?!).

Hit me up on my project enquiry form friend and tell me about yourself. I’m open to working with all types of businesses that share the same values of inclusion and flipping a big fat bird to the patriarchy, racism, homophobia, transphobia and anti-fat bias.

If you’re curious, you can head on over to my portfolio to see what other industries and professions I’ve worked with.

Not a problem! We can add on custom keyword research to your package – just let me know when you get in touch.

OK, this is a tricky one to answer! Sometimes I have space in my calendar that allows me to start a project quickly. There are also times when I’m booked weeks out. If you’re interested in working together, drop me a note as soon as possible to learn about my availability.

Oooh boy it’s wild, right?! 

Those numbers come from The Lifespan (Half-Life) of Social Media Posts: Update for 2023.

Want Some Help Working Out What You Need?

No problems! Getting started is often the hardest part, so drop me a note and we’ll figure it out together.