The nuance of your work, understood.

SEO Website Copywriter for Service-Based Businesses who Give a Damn.

Nina Mills website designer, copywriter and SEO from Butter Digital holding a laptop.
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Your important work, translated by a creator who gets it, equals web design, copy, and content that connects on a deeper level.

You started your business to transform lives (and pay the bills) but you can’t do that with a generic or outdated website that doesn’t speak your client’s language.

You need a website designer & copywriter who welcomes a wide range of experiences, identities and stories.

Inclusive and affirming online spaces matter to me, so I understand the need to ensure your messaging, language choices, positioning, design choices and marketing capture what you stand for and don’t collude with systems of oppression.

Anti-fat bias, racism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, the patriarchy and misogyny are not welcome here.

“I knew you would get my type of business without having to teach someone about weight inclusivity.”

– Geraldine Taggart-Jeewar
Sunny Nutrition and Dietetics

Now for the part where I talk about myself

I’m Nina - SEO Website Copywriter, Tech Translator and Multi-Business Owner

I arrived here by happy accident.

I’ve spent a big chunk of my working career involved in major IT projects – I’ve even worked as the Web Services Manager for a national government organisation (but ended up doing more people management which was not my idea of fun).

That all tracks for someone who now builds websites,

but here’s where things take an interesting turn…

Early one morning, I looked around the empty office and asked myself “Where do you want to be in five years?”

When the answer was a resounding, “Not here!”, I packed it all in and went back to university to become a dietitian.

Nina Mills website designer, copywriter and SEO from Butter Digital sitting against the wall with a laptop next to her
Nina Mills from Butter Digital with her cat Wilfred
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But as a freshly minted dietitian with zero money to risk outsourcing to graphic designers, website designers and other contractors who didn’t get that I was a dietitian who didn’t put people on diets, I had to pull out all my tech skills and invest in a lot of education to get my non-diet private practice up and running online

…the way I wanted.

Having built a successful career as a size-inclusive, fat-positive dietitian, I found I wasn’t alone in my frustrations working with people (clients and contractors) whose values didn’t align with my own.

So, when I became a go-to tech and copy resource for other businesses similar to mine, I decided to combine my multi-experiences and multi-passions, to create Butter Digital.

While I started out helping health practitioners grow their businesses with more aligned clients, my drive to challenge the status quo and bring more representation to the forefront of the online world has led me to work with values-driven businesses across various industries.

Happy accident, or maybe I’m right where I was always meant to be?

What I do know is there’s room for us all at the table and I’m ready to help everyone find their own way to take up the space they deserve online.

Nina played a HUGE part in my website's success.

“When I changed my business name and completely rebranded, I knew this meant a new website too. Not fun. But with Nina’s help, it was easy, smooth and I felt safe. She knew exactly what needed to be done, especially on the backend with SEO, meta tags and other fancy terminology that I didn’t even know was there or needed. She was efficient and professional.

I’ve received so many compliments about my website, and I know that Nina played a HUGE part in my website’s success. I’ve already recommended Nina to so many people and I will continue to do so. Get her in your (website) corner, you will not regret it!”

– Riki Deale
Riki Deale Coaching

Get to know the gal behind the laptop

Nina Mills website designer, copywriter and SEO from Butter Digital standing in front of a record player looking down at a Cold War Kids album.
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What Makes Butter Digital Beat

We Go Boldly Together.

It’s an honour to use my unique skill set to support businesses working towards the collective goal of dismantling systems of oppression. Together, we are more powerful.

Human Over Hustle.

At my core, I believe in putting humanity first. I value people over relentless work, where personal well-being and authentic connections are prioritised. People first. Always.

Your Business, Your Way.

I’m here to support you in building a business that works for you. There are no cookie cutters, no rules, and no blueprints. We make the rules around here and work together to create your version of success.

Make Tech Friendly.

I'm here to simplify your digital world. I want your tech to be so user-friendly that you feel like a bloody genius without even trying. Because technology should empower you, not confuse you. It’s only a tool after all 😉

Ahem, enough about me…

…what do you need?

Not sure? No problems! Getting started is often the hardest part, so drop me a note and we’ll figure it out together.