Website Design, Copywriting and SEO for Values-Driven, Service-Based Businesses.

You know your people are searching online for what you offer. But how do you make sure YOU are who they find?


Cajun cooking has the Holy Trinity of onions, capsicum and celery.

In Italian cooking, it’s the soffritto and in French, it’s the mirepoix.

Those three ingredients that when combined and given some love with heat and fat, make the magical foundation for incredible dishes.


The ✨ magic trio that creates the foundations for your business to stand out and get noticed is your copy, your website and SEO.

Nina Mills from Butter Digital in a blue dress in front of a colourful wall. She offers website design, copywriting and SEO in Melbourne for weight-inclusive small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Hi, I’m Nina! Welcome to Butter Digital

Word (Press) Nerd and Tech Translator

As a freshly minted nutritionist with a head full of nutrition knowledge, I decided the best thing to do was build myself an online platform to share it all (ego much?!). So, I created a WordPress website and started blogging. That was 2010 and since then, I have been the wearer of all the hats (admin, marketing, copy, social media, web design, SEO – you name it), in my weight-inclusive private practice Feel Good Eating.

I know how important having a digital presence is – and one that is cohesive, clear and attracts the clients you want to be working with.

Which is why I’ve combined my experience running a successful booked-out solo practice, with my years working for health profession regulation agencies on major IT projects as the business operations subject matter expert, user acceptance tester and project officer, to create Butter Digital. 

Butter Digital’s services support service-based businesses and entrepreneurs feel confident to be seen and take up space with their affirming messages, offerings and services. So that as a collective, we can dismantle Diet Culture 🔥

A thoughtfully designed website, copy that speaks directly to your favourite clients, and a solid SEO strategy will do a lot of the heavy lifting in bringing the right people to your business.


Because you started your business to make a difference in your clients’ lives, right? Not spend your time feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by all of the behind-the-scenes tasks that – let’s be real – no one ever told us came with running a small business.

Get back to focusing on your clients and doing what you love and set your online presence to work for you!

Butter Digital Services

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Getting your business in front of the people you most love to work with involves a delicate dance of getting inside their heads to understand what it is they’re searching for and keeping the Google gods happy with a well-optimised website.

I can help with:

  • Website audits and SEO strategy
  • Website keyword research
  • Blog keyword research
  • SEO-optimised website content (blog posts)
  • On-page SEO optimisation (the technical stuff that impresses Google!)
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Website Design

Not only is your website a business asset, but it’s a place you want your clients to hang around and explore. Make your website work for you with beautiful design and functionality so that it’s easy to navigate and leaves a lasting impression.

I can help with:

  • Strategically designed websites
  • Building your website design
  • Website re-design
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Your website design is going to catch your ideal client’s attention but it is your copy that is going to help them get to know you, build trust in your business, and have them saying; “They’re going to be the perfect fit for me.”

I can help with:

  • Website copywriting
  • Email welcome/nurture sequences
  • Email sales sequences
  • Landing page copywriting
Headshot of Butter Digital client Kathleen Johnson. She is wearing a polka dot top and is surrounded by greenery.

“So knowledgeable in the behind-the-scenes needs of a business”

As a solo owner of a private practice, it feels like most of my time gets sucked into patient care and I am always struggling with the behind-the-scenes business needs like blogging, SEO, email funnels, etc in order to grow my practice and my income streams. This is when I met Nina and it has been such a relief to be able to focus on specific projects with her and confidently know that they are moving forward. I really appreciate her insight and recommendations on things I have not even thought about. She is so knowledgeable in the behind-the-scenes needs of a business, which is something I never learned in all of my schooling. I am incredibly happy with all the work she has done and the copy she has written for my business.

– Kathleen Johnson, MA, RD, LDN

Think we’d make a good team?

Drop me a message and let’s have a chat. I can’t wait to hear about your business goals, and help you to reach them.

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